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05.06.12 The Samara Regional Museum of Local Lore named after P. V. Alabin hosted a travel game "Ecological workshop" together with the Association "Versivo"

On February 1, SGK released a new product – plaster for the initial alignment of walls "Forman No. 11"

On September 11, a raffle for gifts from TM FORMAN was held as part of the campaign " Switch to TM FORMAN - get gifts!"

On February 13 TM FORMAN held a workshop in the Mega shopping center

18th Interregional Exhibition and Forum Dental Expo Samara 2015

2017 year: Confirmation of environmental friendliness of products

On October 23-24, Samara will host the First Inter-industry Forum "Territory of Gypsum"

On February 3, SGK released a new product-self-leveling self-leveling finish floor "Forman No. 73"

September 6-8, 2013 TM FORMAN was the sponsor of the 2nd Stage of the team Championship and the Samara Region Motorcycle Cross-Country Championship, Syzran

71st All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference

71st All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference

A. Pustovgar on the difficulty of selecting the composition of the CCC

SUPERFIX Smart Gypsum Promotion

FORMAN Promotion

Special offer from SAMARAGIPS"Ocean as a gift!"

Promotion " Switch to TM FORMAN– get gifts!"

Special offer "Warm layout from TM FORMAN"

Action in Maksidom - take repairs into your own hands!

Alexey Georgievich Dolmatov

Analysts have prepared an overview of the Russian market of dry building mixes

Self-sealing devices in gypsum production

Aviation and sports festival at the Bobrovka airfield

Automation of gypsum production

Azerbaijan has increased gypsum exports to Georgia by more than 13%

Azerbaijani company to build CCC plant in Rostov region

"BANG and BONSOMER" at the Territory of Gypsum 2013!

Free telephone line of the Samara Gypsum Plant

Thanks from HeadHunter

British Gypsum for environmental transparency in the industry

Booklet about the new ready-made injection molding compound for the production of artificial stone "KAMNEDEL".

Booklet about the new ready mix "SCULPTOR"!

Booklet about the product "GYPSUM GROUTING"!

Booklet about the product "GVVS for use in traumatology and dentistry"!

Booklet "Application of HVAC in ceramics"!

Booklet "Construction gypsum"!

Happy Builder's Day!

Seminar-presentation "It's easy to sell with FORMAN!" in Uralsk

Workshop "Working with FORMAN is easy!" for construction teams and managers

WorldSkills Professional Skill Championship

COVID-19-Operating mode

We offer compensation for delivery for our new partners

We give you gifts!

Danish Gypsum Recycling Program

National Flag Day of Russia

Koshelev Microdistrict Day-project

Russian Entrepreneurship Day!

FORMAN's birthday! 7 years of solving problems of varying complexity

Koshelev-project's birthday party

Kindergarten in Izhevsk

Second degree diploma!

Diploma for the best domestic space

Diploma for high efficiency

Achievements in the gypsum industry in 2014

Heritage of the province

Eco Material

Expert opinion on optimizing the composition of the CCC

Experts predict a slowdown in the development of the dry building mixes market

Energy-saving production equipment

Annual review of the CCC market is now available

Filling station for technical gypsum packaging in Big Begi

Film about gypsum recycling "in a closed loop" by GtoG

Gypsum fluorescence in visible and UV light

FORMAN at the Krutye Klyuchi Microdistrict Day celebration

FORMAN at the Krutye Klyuchi Microdistrict Day celebration

FORMAN at the Fifth Regional Festival

FORMAN invites you to the Championship of automobile ice racing

The French presented a project for the production of gypsum to the Chelyabinsk region

Creative gypsum is already on sale!

Gypsum-polymer putty FORMAN 25

Gypsum and lime dry mixes

The Gypsum Association (USA) has developed an Environmental Declaration for Drywall

New Economy gypsum plant in Ufa

Gypsum production and energy saving

Gypsum production in residential areas: Russian and Finnish experience

SAMARAGIPS plaster masks are now available on OZON!

Gypsum panels – fast and easy!

FORMAN gypsum boards-achievements of 2014

Gypsum plasters and types of treated surfaces

Gypsum floor mixes

Gypsum binders in dry building mixes

Gypsum calculator to help clients!

Unified Trading System Group of Companies at the Territories of Gypsum-2013 forum!

The Main Thing Is Professionalism!

SGC Social Media Hotline

Ready-made dry mix for the production of facade decorative stone

Facade moisture-resistant mix for decorative stone production is being prepared for production

Gypsum Association considered a problem of repair of two types of deformations of plasterboard boards

Sea Battle game for February 23!

India transferred gypsum production under the control of the states

India imposes duties on drywall imports

Online trade in construction materials: features of consumer behavior

Well construction and reconstruction engineering

Artificial stone made of gypsum

History of gypsum mining in Paris

History of gypsum application: Ancient Egypt

History of gypsum application: plaster

The history of building binders and the emergence of high-strength gypsum

Results of the BaltiMix 2014 conference: Dry building mixes for the XXI century: technologies and business

Results of the FORMULA 1 competition

Results of the first intersectoral forum "Territory of Gypsum", held in Samara on 23-24. 10. 13

Changes in Russian Railways tariffs

Change in product prices

Changes in SAMARAGIPS packaging

Retail Store opening hours have changed

Ready for the cold weather! Frost-resistant novelties from TM FORMAN

How easy it is to work with TM Forman - see the TV program "Stroyexpert"

Chinese Taishan Gypsum banned from doing business in the US

Coloristic associations in plaster

The FORMAN team participated in the first mini-football cup among retailers

StroyKomm LLC company on the Territory of Gypsum-2013!

Complex of additional equipment

Conference for partners of SAMARAGIPS TM

Rockwool Energy Consumption Conference

The conference "Improving the efficiency of production and application of gypsum materials and products" will be held in September

Conference "Market of finishing and heat-insulating materials 2014"

The "Repair Season" contest continues! The deadline for accepting applications is 18 days away! Hurry up!

Counterfeit goods on the market of dry building mixes

Sika Group announces an innovative technology for the production of modifying additives

Save up bonus points and exchange them for prizes!

Round table "Decorative stone production business: features and prospects"

Round table on building materials issues within the CU and CES

Europe's largest construction exhibition

World's largest gypsum quarry to be expanded

Summer, Volga, songs...PLASTER OF PARIS!

US gypsum market leaders overcome long-term decline

Catch your luck!

Best for children

The best enterprise in the construction industry!

Large-scale project of gypsum production complex in Kazakhstan

Master class " Business with profitability from 100%"

Masterclass in Leroy Merlin

Master class in Togliatti

Medical casts of SGK CJSC received the StAR Approval Mark

MegaSkidka every Tuesday

Mechanical activation of binders by free-kick method

International Construction and Interior Exhibition Build Ural

International Holiday-Children's Day

Krutye Klyuchi microdistrict celebrated its birthday

A global consulting company will help the Gypsum Association develop standards and norms

Frost-resistant FORMAN No55 is now available for sale

"We are cleaning the world"

We have reduced prices for Dentaformula Type 4

We participate in the exhibition "URALSTROYINDUSTRIA -2017"

We know where to grow

An additional metal separator has been put into operation at the gypsum plant

The first edition of the interstate standard "Dry construction plaster mixes on cement binder" was published on the SPSSS website. Technical specifications"


SGK has released a pilot batch of a new product!

More than 13 billion rubles will be spent on the construction of the stadium for the 2018 World Cup

SGK CJSC hosted the final stage of the contest "The best Solution for Samara Gypsum Plant CJSC"

About 156 billion rubles will be allocated for housing construction in the Samara region

New website of CJSC "Samara Gypsum Plant"has been launched

Nanotechnologies in the field of CCC and modifying compounds

We are recommended by EuroChem-1

Our products meet the requirements of GOST R

Our article in the magazine " Oil.Gas. Innovations"

National Gypsum presents new educational videos about drywall

The National Association of Builders opposed electronic auctions

Find your supplier of dry building mixes on the product resource of SGK CJSC-TM FORMAN website

Don't miss the new series of seminars "It's easy to work with FORMAN!"

Don't miss the series of seminars "It's easy to work with FORMAN!"

MosBuild Construction and Architecture Week is over

Real estate in Crimea is rapidly becoming more expensive

Lack of building materials

The need to control the certification of materials in social construction

Non-standard congratulations on the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

New PBX system

New packaging of Dentaformula

New gypsum packaging

New home page on the website of SGK CJSC

New recipe for Sculpting and injection molding mix!

New packaging of Alabaster and G5

New packaging: big bags

New packaging for "Dentaformula type 3" and "Dentaformula type 4"

New packaging in kraft bags

New FORMAN #55!


New number of FORMAN No. 53 bags per pallet

New number of FORMAN No. 70 bags per pallet

A new word in the production of plaster stucco


News about "MosBuild -2013".

News about the opening of a new FORMAN website

SGC News February 2014

SGC News January 2014

SGC news for 2013

New certificates of conformity!

New features on our website!

New partner support format

New Gypsum Promotion tool


New product-SMART GYPSUM

New product - "Smart plaster for garden figures"

A new type of drywall can become an alternative to air conditioners

New cargo delivery option

About what has been achieved and planned

About our supergips in Dentistry Today

Special assessment of working conditions

About gypsum industry trends

Volume of the Russian nonmetallic construction materials market in the first half of 2014

The winner of the Forman Cup becomes the champion of Russia

Updating the FORMAN 121 polymer putty formulation

Packaging price for gypsum construction G-5

Equipment for batch mixing of CCC

Training seminar for managers of MegaStroy company

Training seminar for managers of the StroyLider Crimea company

Overview of the CCC market for leveling floors from the company "Kreps"

CCC market Overview in 2013

Overview of gypsum-based building materials: gypsum boards, panels and sheets

Overview of the Ukrainian gypsum mixes market

Another Russian week of Dry building mixes

The program of the conference "Russian CCC Days" - 2014 is published

New editions of draft standards for adhesives and putties have been published

Organization of CCC production through the eyes of industrial equipment manufacturers

The main difference between high-strength gypsum and ordinary gypsum

Highlights of September 2014

The main buyer in the market of finishing materials are women

Features of solutions based on high-strength gypsum

Three months left until the opening of the XIX International Construction and Interior Exhibition "MosBuild-2013"

Report of the Ministry of Regional Development on progress in construction in 2013

Open your own business with the Samara gypsum factory

FORMAN Training and Technical Center opened!

Registration of participants of the II International Business Meeting "White Nights-2013"is open

Happy New Year Greeting Card

Life cycle assessment in the Gypsum Association service

Answer by color G-16

FORMAN and Future Builders Partnership

Pazogrebnevye plates-replacement of drywall in interior decoration

Transition to pallet shipping

Forman PPP - 5th in Russia

An order on the introduction of GOST "Dry construction mixtures. Classification"

Buy and earn money

Polyurethane molds "Flag Stone"

Complete list of gypsum application areas in the world

Latest trends in the finishing materials market

Product price increase from November 1

Congratulations from the Commercial Director of SGC CJSC

Happy New Year greetings!


Congratulations to the contest winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the "Repair Season" contest on 4 Internet sites!

Congratulations to the winner of the Ocean as a Gift promotion

Congratulations to the winner of the "Repair Season" contest on the website ufa1.ru!

Congratulations on February 23!

Congratulations on the Entrepreneur's Day!

Congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day!

We congratulate you on Defender of the Fatherland Day!

Prevention of anhydrite formation during gypsum processing

We invite you to cooperate with transport companies!

We invite cosmetologists to study!

We invite you to the Dental Expo!

We invite you to the Dental Salon 2017!

We invite you to the master class "Ready-made solutions for the production of decor based on high-strength gypsum"

We invite you to study!

We invite you to the exhibition "Building ourselves" in the Exhibition Center "Expo Volga"

We invite you to the exhibition in Simferopol

We invite foremen, suppliers and builders to the workshop!

We invite you to the Crimea

Invitation to the Russian Track Car Racing Championship!!!

Invitation to the birthday of the Koshelev Project

Invitation to the exhibition "YOUR cottage-2017"

The problem of shortage of gypsum raw materials

Continuation of the shock construction of the Europlity workshop

Products of the Samara gypsum plant on the shelves in the Crimea

Products of SGK CJSC in the Kremlin!

Sports complex project at the Samara hippodrome

Equipment manufacturer ZZBO complains about the abundance of fakes

Drywall production in the world and in Russia is growing steadily

Production and installation process of gypsum stucco molding

The Sales Department was trained in working with dry building mixes FORMAN

Tested: Decorative stone-easy!

Inspection of environmental violations at the enterprises of Zhiguli Building Materials

The working group of the Union of Manufacturers of Dry building mixes discusses the first edition of GOST " Dry construction mixes. Classification. Terms and definitions"

Gypsum mine workers in Pakistan demand better working conditions

Operation of a retail store

Working with FORMAN is easy!

Working with pazogrebnevy plates became easier!

Expanding the range of SGK CJSC!

Expanding PPP representation at key points of sale

Rebranding of the Samara gypsum Plant

Regional track "Made in Russia"

Registration certificate "Dentaformula" type 3 and type 4

Registration certificate for medical casts

Advertising campaign of Ready-made dry mix for the production of decorative stone

Record increase in pazogrebnevym plates!

"ROSIZVESTEST" at the "Territory of gypsum-2013"!

Russia has been entrusted with the right to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

Russian company helps Donbas with dry building mixes

Price growth and pricing in the construction materials market

"Exactly under the task!" now the official slogan of FORMAN

Russia Energy Invitational

Construction materials market in 2013

The "Repair Season" contest has been launched since June 1. Forman invites everyone to share their experience and win a prize of 7,000 or 10,000 rubles!


Since July, the interstate GOST for plasters is put into effect

Happy New Year 2016!

Samara will again become the"territory of gypsum"

Samaragips gives gifts!

SAMARAGIPS on "Dental Salon 2017"


SAMARAGIPS at the SPE 2016 Conference

SAMARAGIPS at the SPE 2017 Conference

SAMARAGIPS at the SPE 2018 conference

SAMARAGIPS held a seminar for students of SamSTU

SAMARAGIPS develops the medical plaster market

SAMARAGIPS together with its partner Kamennaya Melnitsa held a round table discussion

Samaragips in Adygea

SAMARAGIPS once again took part in the 16th International Industry Conference


Samaragips in Vladivostok

Samara Door Factory at the Territory of Gypsum-2013!

"Samara Gypsum Plant "and" Samara Stroyfarfor " congratulated SOROIS veterans

Samara Gypsum Plant at the Russian Technical Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition on exploration and production SPE ROG 2014

Samara Gypsum Plant wishes its employees a Happy New Year in a musical style!

Samara Gypsum Plant took part in the HeadHunter project "We go to visit"

Samara Gypsum Plant takes part in Astanabuild 2015 exhibition

Samara Stadium will have no analogues in the world

Seminar for entrepreneurs in Ufa

Workshop for construction teams from TM FORMAN

Seminar Features of sales of TM FORMAN mixtures in Almetyevsk

Open your own business workshop with Samara gypsum plant

Workshop "Development of working recipes for dry building mixes" in St. Petersburg

Workshop "Development of working recipes for dry building mixes"

Seminar "It's easy to sell with FORMAN!"

Seminar in Makhachkala

Seminar in the glorious city of Kazan.

Seminar in Voronezh

Seminar-quiz in "SaturnSamara"

Seminars for sales managers of TM FORMAN distributors

Seminars on the topic Features of sales of TM FORMAN mixtures

Certificate for a new product-dry primer

FORMAN Service Center: results and prospects

Congress of TM Samaragips partners.

SGK prepares for new production records

SGC: change while maintaining traditions

SGC on the Day of Student Science

SGC at the "Baltimix-2014" conference

SGC at MixBuild 2015

SGC at the exhibition "Domestic construction materials" -2013

SGC at the exhibition " Building yourself-2016!"

SGK provides information support to manufacturers of dry building mixes

SGC invites to cooperation partners who are ready to become our representatives in the regions

SGC will take part in the conference "RUSSIAN DAYS OF DRY BUILDING MIXES"

SGC took part in the 1st interregional exhibition " Crimea-South of Russia. Construction. Architecture. Design"

SGK took part in the Sevastopol exhibition

SGK developed gypsum for oil spill response

SGK is moving across the country: Khabarovsk!

SGK became a co-organizer of the All-Russian competition for the best design and survey organization in 2014.

SGC-participant of the conference "Market of finishing and heat-insulating materials 2015"

SGK in Maxidom!

SGK at Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Putty and priming of drywall sheets

Situation on the Russian drywall market

30% discount on Dentaformula!

35% discount on the procedure%

Changing the packaging

Changing the packaging of Smart Gypsum

Kamnedel mix — a new solution for manufacturers of artificial stone from Samara Gypsum Plant

FORMAN blends are included in the first Green Book catalog

Back in the FOLD. Another workshop.

Opening of the exhibition "Domestic Construction Materials 2016"took place

Opening of the XXIII International Architectural and Construction Exhibition "YugBuild" took place

The competition "Best Plasterer-2014"was held

State of the Russian gypsum materials market

Cooperation between SGC and SSASU: a series of seminars for students

Socio-ecological conflict over gypsum plant in Adygea

Improvement of high-strength gypsum production technology

Meeting on industrial development!

Special offer for high-strength gypsum!

The speaker of the regional parliament met with the staff of SGK

USA: gypsum production increased by 11% in 2012%

Launch of new product sales

The promotion starts!

Internship of specialists in dry building mixes at MGSU has ended

Stroitelnaya Informatsiya is preparing a major study of the regional CCC market

Building binders

"STROMMASHINA" at the forum "Territories of gypsum-2013"!

Saturday master class in MegaSTROY

The fate of the Ivangrad field in the Donbas

FORMAN dry mixes – 14th place in Russia!

FORMAN dry mixes are moving across the Russian Federation

Fluidized bed dryers in CCC production

Latest news from the construction of the pazogrebnevyh plate factory FORMAN

Latest issue of the corporate magazine of SGK CJSC.

Thailand's Thai Gypsum Products stabilizes after Bangkok coup

Technical news of the plant

The pace of new housing starts is being slowed down by the lack of building materials

SSI and ceramics market trends

Territory of Gypsum-2014

TM FORMAN was a sponsor of the "First National Championship of professional skills WorldSkills Russia" in Togliatti, April 27-May 1.

TM FORMAN was the sponsor of the IV Open Championship of the Samara region in the parachute and athletic all-around.


TM FORMAN at the II-th Regional Festival of Aviation, Technical and Military-applied Sports, August 18

TM FORMAN at the III Regional Festival of Aviation, Technical and Military-Applied Sports, August 17.

TM FORMAN at the ivth Festival of Aviation, Technical and military-applied sports, August 23 from 10: 00 to 16: 00

TM FORMAN received permission to be used in the construction of Moscow

TM FORMAN congratulates residents of the 8th-9th turn of the MD on the purchase of an apartment. Cool keys!

TM Forman presents a photo exhibition "Ballet stars of the XXI century".

TM FORMAN invites you to the Krutye Klyuchi microdistrict Day

TM FORMAN invites you to the international construction exhibition "City of the XXI Century" from May 21 to 24!

TM FORMAN continues to expand its supply geography

TM FORMAN together with its partner "Kankord" participated in the XIV International Specialized Exhibition "City of the XXI century", Izhevsk.

TM FORMAN-sponsor of the Russian Ice Car Racing Championship in Samara

TM FORMAN is a sponsor of "Smena stroitelstva I ZhKKh" within the framework of the Youth Forum of the Volga Federal District "iVolga 2013"!

TM FORMAN is now available in social networks!

TM FORMAN participated in the conference in Krasnodar

TM FORMAN has improved the formulation of a number of products

TM "FORMAN" became a partner of STARS of the 21st Century in the Kremlin

TM SAMARAGIPS changed the weight and price of mixes for making decor

Trophy Raid 2014

Cement tile adhesives: the CCC trend in Europe

SGC's participation in the XVI International Scientific and technical conference "Modern technologies of dry mixes in construction"

Participation in the conference "Interglina-2018"

Participation in the conference "Construction and repair of wells-2013"

Participation in the restoration of the monument of Russian architecture of the 19th century

Participation of SGK CJSC in the seventh international conference "Improving the efficiency of production and application of gypsum materials and products"

Impact construction of the Europlit workshop

Hard work and fun rest.

Improving the Dentaformula Type 3 and Type 4

Improving the formulation of the Finished dry mix for the production of decorative stone

USG and XL Brands announce partnership

Have time to vote for the best repair!

Material metering units in the production of SSS

In 2012, the production volume of gypsum construction products increased by 5-7%.%

In 2012, the housing stock of Samara grew by 900,000 square meters

In December 2013, SGK CJSC released new products-cement plaster FORMAN No. 61, polymer finishing putty FORMAN No. 121.

Gypsum deposits found in Ethiopia

Manufacturers of dry building mixes met for the third time in MGSU

The XIII International Specialized Exhibition "Cement. Concrete. Dry mixes"

Perm Region to build a plant for the production of drywall worth 3 billion rubles

Moscow region plans to increase the rate of production of its own building materials

SUPERFIX mix is now available for sale

Samara hosted a round table discussion on the problem of eliminating catastrophic takeovers during drilling

Samara to build new TV tower by 2017

A grandiose sports complex will be built in the Samara region

A study of the drywall and pazogrebnevy boards market was conducted in St. Petersburg

30 unsafe gypsum plants closed in Saudi Arabia

A low-rise construction program will start operating in Samara next year

The United States has passed a law regulating the quality of drywall

In January 2013, the growth rate of housing construction in Russia was 16%

In January 2013, industrial production in Russia decreased by 0.8% compared to January last year


Leading managers of Samara Gypsum Plant attended the seminar of Yitzhak Calderon Adizes

Video instructions for working with Creative plaster.

VIII Foundry Consultation


ATTENTION PHOTO CONTEST "My successful buildings"!

Attention! Competition among SSEU graduates opened

Attention! Competition among SSU graduates opened


Vietnam coped with the problem of gypsum waste

Volgograd Gypsum Plant — 65 years old

Temporary suspension of production in January 2016

All shades of white-gypsum as a mirror of efficient construction

Meeting with Kazakh construction companies

Second Annual Russia Energy Invitational Golf Tournament

Introduction of restrictions on road freight transportation

Forced increase in prices for Smart gypsum

Issue of the 1st FORMAN magazine in 2012

Release of a new product-separated construction gypsum of the G-5 B III brand

High-strength gypsum binders are the best basis for the production of modern dry building mixes

Dental Expo 2014

Expokamen 2014 Exhibition

Exhibition " Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixes " covers an increasing part of the market

XX International Construction Industry Exhibition in Samara

Bright wins with Formula 1


CJSC "Samara Gypsum Plant" has opened a new plant for the production of pazogrebnevyh plates of European standard

CJSC "Samara Gypsum Plant" congratulates JSC " FGK " on the 3rd anniversary of the company's formation.

CJSC "Samara Gypsum Plant" is a reliable supplier of gypsum for the foundry production of the Metallurgical complex of JSC "KAMAZ".

SGK CJSC and TM Forman sponsored the Russian Ice Racing Championship

SGC CJSC at the international construction and interior exhibition "MosBuild 2013".

SGC CJSC at the technical conference of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

"SGC CJSC at the exhibition "BATIMAT RUSSIA 2015"

SGC CJSC started working with counterparties using the bank factoring system

SGC CJSC has signed a contract with AvtoVAZ for the supply of hot water pumps.

SGC CJSC received a commendation

SGC CJSC received a certificate of conformity

SGC CJSC congratulated OSOAVIAKHIM-DOSAAF of Russia on its 85th anniversary.

SGC CJSC took part in the exhibition in Simferopol

SGK CJSC held a meeting of dealers

SGK CJSC is among the leaders in investment in production in the Samara region

SGC CJSC is included in the list of organizations that have a significant impact on the industry

Solidification and properties of dental gypsum

Tests of the finished dry mix for the production of facade decorative stone for frost resistance have been completed

The XV Anniversary International Construction Exhibition "Cement. Concrete. Dry mixes"

The Stroymaster-2014 competition in the Best Plasterer category has come to an end

The XV International Construction Forum "Cement. Concrete. Dry mixes"

Dependence of gypsum quality on production process conditions

We are waiting for you at SPE!

"Winter" shipping with "summer" rates!


Samara, Russia
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