Plaster Medical brand G-5

Гипс медицинский марки Г-5 для использования в хирургии, травматологии и ортопедии.

The price of the products

  • 270 ru/ 25 kg bag

Price includes VAT, excluding delivery.

Technical specifications

Deviations from the net mass in accordance with GOST 26871 ± 1 kg.
Produced according to TU 5744-013-21151476-2014.

Brand of the binder according to strength, not lower thanG-5
Standard consistency (normal density), %70-80
Beating rate, (maximum residue on a sieve with mesh size of 0.2 mm at clear), %, not more than2
Setting time, min.
- Start, not earlier than6
- Finish, not later than30
Tensile strength of bar samples aged of 2 hours, MPa
- Under bending, not later than2.5
- Under compression, not later than5
Neutrality, pH6÷7

Area of use

Medical plaster is used in surgery, traumatology, orthopedics
How to buy

Sales department for gypsum product:
+7 (846) 269-64-25 (ext. 4085)

Sales department for gypsum boards
and dry building mixes:
+7 (846) 269-64-25 (ext. 4241)

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