Exterior mix for decorative stone producers

Готовая сухая смесь для производства фасадного декоративного камня создает идеальное литье без вибростола, высокой прочности.

Area of use

  • 419 ru/ 25 kg bag
  • 457 ru/ 30 kg bag

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Area of use

Ready mix, packaged in paper bags. It is used for the casting of decorative elements imitating the texture of natural stone, reliefs and small architectural forms. The scope of these decorative elements is mainly outdoor decoration.

Manufacturing base

Complex binder with the use of white cement, fillers, modifying additives.


  • High performance - demoulding in 1 hour
  • Economy - reduction of the required forms park
  • High strength - 40 MPa allow to reduce the thickness of the stone and the consumption of the mix
  • Perfect casting without vibration table
  • Removes the task of individual components purchases


The mix is intended for producing decorative stone for use on the façade. Temper the mix with water, stir with a building mixer or a drill with a nozzle at least 2 minutes until you get a homogeneous mix. Pour the resulting mix into a mold, pre-moistened with water. Remove excess with a pallet. Form removal depends on the amount of the used water. When following manufacturer's recommendations the removal is possible in 45 minutes. With dry-out of the products the color of the colored stone becomes lighter on a few tones.


Use only clean tools and water! The mix is well compatible with iron oxide pigments. When using pigments of the other chemical nature it is recommended to check the interaction in a small amount of the mix. Using a vibrating table is not a requisite condition. Form removal depends on the amount and quality of the used water.


Deviation from the net mass in accordance with GOST R 8.579-2001 - 1,5%.

Amount of water for gauging, l/1 kg mix0,23-0,27
Stripping time in, min45-60
Water-solid ratio (W/S), %23-27
Max. absorption of water, %15
Packed density, kg/m3About 900
Working consistency (workability due to Suttard cylinder flow), mm285±5
Max. grading on the sieve 0,2 mm, %10
Setting time of the working consistency mortar mix, min.
- starting, min.at the earliest 15
- end, min.at the latest 60
Strength limit of the mortar stone in 7 days, MPa
- under bending, MPamin. 8
- under compression, MPamin. 40
Resistance to frost min.75 cycles
Mix consumption with the product thickness 10 mm1 bag for 1,8m2
Consumption, kg/m², with the layer 10 mm16-17

Packing and marking

Packing 30 kg

Storage conditions

Warranty shelf life in undamaged original packaging – 12 months from date of production.
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