Mix for decorative stone producers

Готовая сухая смесь для производства декоративного камня для мастеров-камнеделов отличающийся простотой приготовления смеси.

The price of the products

  • 364 ru/ 25 kg bag
  • 418 ru/ 30 kg bag

Price includes VAT, excluding delivery.

Deviation from the net mass in accordance with GOST R 8.579-2001 - 1,5%.

Application temperatureFrom -10°C to 30°C
Setting time of the mixture
- Start of settingNot earlier than 10 minutes
- Finish of settingNot later than 40 minutes
Recommended thickness of the product5-50 mm
Consumption of material13 kg/m3 with product thickness of 10 mm
Size of the product from one bag2.3 m3 with product thickness of 10 mm
Time of complete dry-out7 days
Fineness of grindingContent of particles larger than 0.2 mm – not more than 15%
Compressive strength
- In 2 hours15 MPa
- In 7 days25 MPa
Density of the finished sample in dry condition1500-1550 kg/m3
Packed density850-900 kg/m3
Density of solution1700-1800 kg/m3
Content of metal impurities in the productsNot more than 10 mg/kg
Water consumption per 1 kg of dry mixture0.27-0.37 l
Mobility (spread across Suttard cylinder)300 ±5 mm
How to buy

Sales department for gypsum product:
+7 (846) 269-64-25 (ext. 4085)

Sales department for gypsum boards
and dry building mixes:
+7 (846) 269-64-25 (ext. 4241)

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