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Samara Gypsum Plant CJSC is one of the largest plants in Russian gypsum industry.

We highly appreciate our clients and try to ensure the highest quality level of production and service. The main specialization of our plant is production of high-strength (α-gypsum) and building (β-gypsum) gypsum, tongue-and-groove gypsum boards as well as dry building mixes and unique products for making interior elements.

Products of SGP CJSC are used in 14 sectorial markets including construction, oil and coal production, decorative finish, medicine, agriculture, jewelry, production of dry building mixes, sanitary-engineering items etc. Geography of the company's sales includes the whole territory of Russia as well as the CIS countries such as Republic of Belarus, Baltics and Kazakhstan.

The history of productions:

1944 year - launch of the factory on building gypsum production.

1962 year - the plant became the leader of industry in USSR after having reached the maximum output rate within the decade – 93,9 thousand tons per year.

2003 year - production of tongue-and-groove gypsum boards was open.

2008 year - the plant obtained the license for field development in Kinelsky district, geological and chemical studies of reservoirs were organized.

2008 year - plant on production of dry building mixes (trade mark FORMAN) was launched. It is fitted with the equipment of German company "M-TEC", which is one of the world’s leaders in the field of manufacturing technological lines for DBM production. Production line enables to produce the whole range of dry building mixes based on gypsum, cement and polymer. According to the estimates of industry experts, FORMAN was among 15 leading producers of dry building mixes in Russia in 2014.

2013 year - a new plant on production of tongue-and-groove gypsum boards of European standards was open. Production line is fitted with the modern German equipment of Grenzebach GmbH. As of January 2015, the plant was among the five largest producers of gypsum boards in Russia.

In 2013 the full cycle of vertical integration was completed at the factory: the company started quarrying operations and now it performs the full cycle of extraction and processing of gypsum stone.

The leader of industry:

For more than 50 years , SGP has been the leader in Russia in terms of production of high-strength gypsum and, as of January 2015, its market share was 67% .

What makes it possible for the company to maintain leadership in modern economic conditions?

Having your own career

ensures the stability of production and supply in any season.

Unique manufacturing technology

guarantees the highest quality of high-strength gypsum and products based on it.

Gypsum binders are obtained according to technological schemes using sealed devices

By crushing the gypsum stone, then the gypsum crushed stone is sieved into fractions, distributing it into separate containers, after which the hydrothermal processing of raw materials in autoclaves is carried out. Then the gypsum raw material is sent to the hopper of the drying drum. After drying, the gypsum crushed stone is sent for grinding to ball mills. The next step is separation. The finished product is sent to silo banks, after which the gypsum is ready for packaging and dispatch to the consumer.

Highly qualified technologists and technical consultants

ensure the development of new formulations in accordance with current market requirements and create products for specific tasks of various industries.

OTK Laboratory

provides three-stage quality control: incoming quality control of raw materials and materials, control during the production process, final control of finished products, thus ensuring the highest quality of finished products.

Marketing department

It maintains effective customer feedback, provides marketing support to regular customers of SGK CJSC, conducts training of personnel of partner companies, thereby providing a competitive advantage for its customers.

Competent sales policy

allows you to set the optimal ratio of "price-quality" and high customer orientation allows you to make the dialogue between the supplier and the consumer pleasant and profitable.

Competent logistics system

guarantees fast processing of applications and ensures prompt delivery of products to their destination.

Many times SGP CJSC has been a laureate of all-Russian and sectorial contests: "1000 best goods of Russia", "Golden reserve of Russia in 21st century", "Golden reserve of Povolzhye", "Russian organization of high social efficiency".


Samara, Russia
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