We offer:

  • Working with an industry leader;
  • Sell a highly popular product with a proven brand over the years (there is a popularity and credibility of the brand);
  • Unparalleled in-demand unique products;
  • Demand throughout Russia, but not all areas have distributors;
  • We are happy to advertise cool distributors - on social networks, on our own website and on landing pages at our own expense;
  • Wide range of buyers - Our product is versatile and suitable for different industries (From decor to oilfield services);
  • We redirect orders from the site to a distributor in the area;
  • If necessary, we provide POS materials and organize joint participation in exhibitions and client events;
  • Possibility of receiving discounts - we will agree);
  • We provide training on products and give practical advice on promotion.

From you:

Products are available in a warehouse

Diverse range


Retail outlet or city delivery will be an advantage

For which you can get bonuses:

  • Collect information about your customers (How did you find out and what do you do);
  • Participate in the distribution of samples and receive feedback on them;
  • Joint Promotions;
  • Collaborate on social media and on the site.

Which we do not welcome:

  • Late payments;
  • Retail price overstatement;
  • Dumping partner prices from surrounding areas.

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