How to make a mold for plaster with your own hands and how to look for molds for casting

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What to make a mold for casting plaster

Various forms are used to create plaster stucco decoration for home decoration, as well as for the manufacture of various souvenirs by casting. The ability to create one yourself will be useful both in business and in the implementation of creative ideas.

Molds are made of wood, cement, plastic or metal, and sometimes they are made from resins or plasticine.

Nevertheless, polyurethane and silicone molds are considered the most common due to their convenience and practicality .

Polyurethane and silicone molds for casting plaster have several differences, but one cannot say that one is better than the other, each is suitable for solving specific problems. The first is stronger and more durable, but toxic and more difficult to handle: you need a lot of release agent, otherwise the product will stick to the mold. It is easier to work with silicone, it is soft and elastic, that is, it is both durable and "friendlier" in relation to gypsum, which does not stick to it. This means, firstly, that the resulting product will be of perfect shape, and secondly, you can easily separate it from the silicone, no special lubricant is needed at all.

How to choose a silicone for plaster casting

Almost always, a two-component silicone is used for work , consisting of a base and a catalyst (a substance responsible for curing). Catalysts are tin or platinum. Silicone on tin is more popular due to its optimal price-quality ratio. In addition, platinum-based silicone reacts with almost all natural objects.

Another parameter to choose is hardness. There are several options for hardness on a special scale (Albert Shore scale), but usually substances for working with soft materials are designated with the letter A, for working with hard materials - with the letter D.

The numerical value of the hardness index is also divided. Silicone with an index of 10 to 15 is suitable for working with small light forms, a value of 20 to 70 means that such silicone can be molded into a mold for a heavy statue or other large product. Letters and numbers are present in the name of the silicone, pay attention to them when choosing.

Where to buy silicone

Searching for material is not a problem, a popular substance is easy to find. Nevertheless, the choice of a supplier is important, and if you do not find a suitable brand or type of silicone, then you should not exclude ordering the material, since the cost of its delivery is relatively low and you can order the compound from a quality supplier.

For example :


Making silicone molds for plaster, process

When preparing to create a product, it is also important to understand whether your model will be flat or three-dimensional (3d). There are no special requirements for a flat one, while a volumetric one is assembled from two parts (halves). Then the formwork is installed around the model. Alternatively, the model / figure can be placed in a suitable container if the dimensions permit. Silicone is poured, the required time is counted, which is indicated on the package or in the instructions. The optimal hardening time is considered to be from 30 to 50 minutes.

Also, the model can be coated with a compound, this method is suitable for large figures: tall statues or columns. Some experts recommend using a smear when there are an abundance of small patterns / details for better portrayal.

Example 1 - Fill with silicone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeeitOYrNPc&fea-

Example 2 - Covering with silicone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW-

Where to buy and how to find molds for plaster casting

Of course, it is not necessary to make the form yourself, there are many ready-made options, ranging from items available at home to choose from, ending with foreign suppliers.

Many people use molds designed for making soap. Forms are willingly sold by their direct suppliers, including through Instagram and other social networks. For example:


Forms are sold in specialized stores and product manufacturers.


We also advise you to contact foreign manufacturers who do not perceive such orders as a threat on the market and sell molds without any problems. For example:



Samara, Russia
or choose another

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