Алебастр экологически чистый материал с отличными рабочими и потребительскими свойствами для строительных целей.

Pack types

Plastic bag<br>3 kg
Plastic bag
3 kg
Plastic bag<br>5 kg
Plastic bag
5 kg

The price of the products

  • 35 ru/ 3 kg bag
  • 53 ru/ 5 kg bag

Price includes VAT, excluding delivery.

Area of use

Repair of grooves in the walls and ceilings in wiring and assembling of wiring equipment, profile and screed strip fastening by plaster work.

Manufacturing base

Eco-friendly material with excellent working and consumer features.
The products are manufactured in accordance with GOST 125-79.

Gypsum binder (beta-hemihydrate of calcium sulfate CaSO4 * 0,5H20), white colored with various shades, obtained by grinding and heat treatment of gypsum.

Environment friendly material with excellent performance and consumer properties. The products are produced according to GOST 125-79.


  • Environment friendly composition - Alabaster is created exclusively from natural components (gypsum and calcite), therefore its use is not harmful to the body.
  • Wide area of use - Used in the creation of unique design elements (moldings, bas-relief) and art (sculpture), in the construction, repair works, manufacturing of building and household items.
  • Excellent bonding properties - Used for cracks sealing, joints smoothing, surfaces leveling.
  • High sound insulation.
  • Maintaining the humidity - It absorbs excess moisture in the room and gives it back in the dry air.
  • Fire protection - Building alabaster is destroyed by flame exposure after 6 hours. Often used as a fire-resistant finish.
  • Crazing resistance - After drying it forms a very smooth and even layer on the walls / ceilings.
  • Low price for alabaster.


Use only clean containers and equipment.

Mixer type (size, shape and mixing speed), mixing time, water purity and water-gypsum ratio affect setting time, plasticity, mechanical strength and the porosity of the finished material.

Pour water in a clean container, gradually uniformly fill gypsum, required for the batch with this volume of water, stir until you get a homogeneous mix. The resulting mixture is to use during several minutes.

Difference between alabaster and other gypsum types

The main alabaster’s difference from similar materials is its structure, which has a high softness. Because of the structure the is material well handled. It is also possible to buy alabaster and use it not only as a base material, but also as an additional component.


Deviation from the net mass in accordance with GOST R 8.579-2001 - 1,5%.

Base G-4 B II
Water discharge to get standard consistence paste 60-70% from the binder mass
Setting time of the standard consistence paste:
- Starting at the earliest 6 minutes
- End at the latest 30 minutes
Level of extraction (with mesh width in clear 0,2 mm) max. 14 %
Strength limit of test beams at the age of 2 hours:
- Bending max. 2,0 MPa
- Compression min. 4,0 MPa
How to buy

Sales department for gypsum product:
+7 (846) 269-64-25 (ext. 4085)

Sales department for gypsum boards
and dry building mixes:
+7 (846) 269-64-25 (ext. 4241)

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