Smart plaster UNIVERSAL

Smart plaster UNIVERSAL

For installation work and processing of the base

For installation and restoration work;

  • Does not roll off the vertical surface

  • No shrinkage and deformation

  • Quick Installation 

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  • Versatility
  • Possibility of thick-layer leveling and thin-layer processing of the base
  • Does not roll off vertical surfaces
  • No shrinkage and deformation
  • High adhesion
  • Quick installation
  • For installation work and finishing alignment
Scope of application
It is intended for frameless installation of sheet drywall, mineral insulation materials, groove-ridge slabs, gypsum panels and decorative elements on concrete and brick bases;

It is recommended for sealing joints of GCL and GVL using reinforcing tape, correcting defects of GCL and GVL, also for repairing shallow chips, potholes, cracks, scratches and other damage to the bases and for creating decorative textured surfaces, possible use for thick-layer and thin-layer processing of the base inside residential and public premises with moderate humidity .

The base can be concrete, cellular concrete (foam and aerated concrete), brick, gypsum and cement plaster, PGP, GCL, GVL.
Preparation for the work

The base must be dry, strong, free of dust, dirt, oils, paint, remnants of chalk and lime solutions. To increase the strength of the adhesion of the material to the base, it is necessary to treat the surface with a deep penetration soil in one or two layers, and unevenly and strongly absorbent bases - in several layers. Do not allow dusting of primed surfaces. In the room where the work is carried out, drafts and direct sunlight should be excluded. The room temperature during the work should be at least +5 °C.

Preparation of the solution

To prepare the solution, use only clean containers, tools and water. It is not allowed to add additional components to the prepared solution. To prepare the solution, pour the contents of the bag into a container with clean water (0.6-0.65 liters per 1 kg of dry mixture) and mix until a homogeneous mass is obtained for 2 minutes. Allow the solution to settle for 5 minutes and stir again. Mixing is carried out by a mechanized method with a professional mixer or an electric drill with a nozzle. Manual mixing is allowed when the mass of the closed mixture is not more than 1 kg. The prepared portion of the solution must be consumed within 40 minutes of work, it is necessary to additionally mix the closed solution without adding water. 


Apply the solution of the Smart Gypsum Universal mixture in portions (one trowel) along the sheet in one row in the center with an interval of 35 cm along the perimeter with a minimum interval. The panel to be installed should be pressed tightly against the base and light blows, through the rail, should be placed in a single plane of the cladding. You can adjust the position within 10 minutes after applying the mortar mixture Smart gypsum Universal. When fixing plates made of mineral wool, it is necessary to first rub the entire surface of the plate with a thin layer of Smart Gypsum Universal solution with a trowel. In the process of applying the Smart Gypsum Universal solution to the surface of GCL, GVL, gypsum panels, decorative elements and insulation materials, it is impossible to add water or a dry mixture to the solution! 

Installation and sealing of PGP joints

When installing the PGP, the Universal Smart gypsum solution is applied to the groove of the lower row of plates and to the vertical end groove. The protruding solution is immediately removed and used in the future. At the end of the installation of the partition, the irregularities are sanded or putty.

Sealing of GKL, GVL seams
The sealing of the seams of GCL, GVL, PGP should be carried out using a reinforcing tape. The edge of the GCL, GWL, PGP at the junction should be cut at an angle of 45° on each side. Next, fill the seam with a mortar mixture of Smart gypsum Universal, then put the reinforcing tape into it by pressing it with a spatula. Excess material protruding from under the tape is removed. After drying the first layer with a reinforcing tape, a leveling layer of the mixture is applied to the Universal gypsum.
The procedure for thick-layer and thin-layer treatment with a mixture of bases

First, you need to fill in the depressions, cracks and irregularities, and then apply the main layer of material to the surface to be treated and level it with a steel spatula. Holding the spatula at an angle to the base with strong pressure, carefully smear the solution on the surface with vertical or horizontal movements until the desired layer is obtained. If necessary, the mixture can be applied in several layers. Before applying the next layer, the surface of the completely dried previous layer is primed. During the drying process, do not use forced drying of the treated surface. To obtain a smooth surface, grinding is not required, but if necessary, it is sanded with "zero" sandpaper, a grater or other grinding tool.

At the end of the work, the tools must be immediately rinsed with water < / p>

Technical specifications
Mixture indicator Meaning


White (possible shades)

Base temperature

from +5°C to +30°C

Water consumption per 1 kg of dry mix

0,6-0,65 l / kg

The beginning of setting of the mortar mixture

at least 40 minutes

The strength of adhesion to the base

not less than 0.3 MPa

Flexural strength

at least 1.2 MPa

Compressive strength

at least 3.0 MPa

Material consumption during installation of 1 m2 of wall

1.0-2.0 kg/m2;

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