Hollow ordinary tongue-and-groove gypsum boards

Hollow ordinary tongue-and-groove gypsum boards are suitable for the step-by-step assembly of internal partitions, as well as for non-load-bearing walls in houses and buildings.

Has a flat surface for subsequent finishing works.


  • Ideally flat surface
  • Do not require further alignment of walls
  • Reducing labor costs


Size (mm) 667x500x80
Weight (kg) 22
Quantity per 1 m2 3 pcs.
The pallet (pcs/m2) 30 | 10
Compressive strength, MPa 5
Bending strength, MPa 2.5
Flammability Nonflammable
Density(kg/m3) 1200
Coefficient of thermal conductivity, W/(m · С) 0.3
The release humidity, % no more than 10
How to buy

Sales department for gypsum product:
+7 (846) 269-64-25 (ext. 4085)

Sales department for gypsum boards
and dry building mixes:
+7 (846) 269-64-25 (ext. 4241)

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