GVVS for art gypsumwork

Gypsum binder (alpha- hemihydrate of calcium sulfate CaSO4 * 0.5 H2O) is produced from natural gypsum stone and is a white fine powder obtained by grinding of natural gypsum stone with further heat treating it in an autoclave, followed by milling and separation.

Alternative names are alpha gypsum, technical gypsum, and high-strength gypsum.

Environmentally friendly material; there is the expert opinion. The products are certified in GOST R system

The price of the products

  • 418 ru/ 30 kg bag

Price includes VAT, excluding delivery.


Divergence from the net mass in accordance with GOST 26871 ± 1kg. Produced according to TU 21 RSFSR-153-90, MOD. 15

Water consumption for paste of standard consistency Not more than 41% of weight of the binder
Setting time of standard consistency Start (loss of solution mobility) - no earlier than 4.5 minutes

Finish (complete solution hardening) - not later than 20 minutes
Beating rate The maximum residue on a sieve with a mesh size of 0.2 mm in clear - not more than 1%
Breaking strength of sample bars aged of 2 hours Under bending - not less than 6 MPa. Under compression - not less than 18 MPa
Guaranteed storage life 6 months from the date of shipment in unopened original package. Storage in dry indoor spaces on wooden pallets. Material should be fully utilized after opening the original packaging
Content of metal impurities in the binder Not more than 10 mg/kg
How to buy

Sales department for gypsum product:
+7 (846) 269-64-25 (ext. 4085)

Sales department for gypsum boards
and dry building mixes:
+7 (846) 269-64-25 (ext. 4241)

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